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Understanding E-commerce Fulfilment and Logistics Processes

14 Jun, 2023

Understanding e-commerce fulfilment processes can be stressful. It can be even more difficult to find the right fulfilment partner.

SKU Logistics specialises in helping online retailers and start-up businesses with their fulfilment needs. We have extensive experience in this field and our team is dedicated to ensuring our clients' success.

How can a logistics company help my e-commerce business?

A logistics company provides third-party fulfilment (3PL) offering order processing which can save you a lot of time and hassle. Making sure your 3PL partner integrates with your e-commerce platform of choice is one of the first things to consider.

A streamlined onboarding process can save you time. Its benefits will soon be apparent.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing fulfilment with SKU logistics include:

  • Lower shipping costs
  • Faster delivery
  • Increase shipping information accuracy
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Focus on selling more
  • Extend to wider markets

How does SKU Logistics fit in as a Fulfilment Partner?

Our quick and simple onboarding process includes integration with your e-commerce platform for inventory and order fulfilment.

This stage includes arranging the delivery of your goods to our warehouse. Once delivered, your goods are quality checked and stored in one of our two distribution centres.

After integrating with your e-commerce platform, your SKUs can be delivered to our warehouse. We quality control your goods and pick and pack them in our warehouse. We despatch orders to your customers using our courier partners. 

Technology allows us to be fully transparent about your inventory and your customer’s order status. Processing orders promptly is extremely important but being able to deal with returns is equally important. 

We have a dedicated space in our distribution centre to receive and process orders for your business. This supports the whole process from arranging return couriers to quality assurance checking upon receipt. This includes both courier and customer parcels.

What makes a good E-commerce Fulfilment Partner?

Putting your business needs first

When enquiring to find the right fulfilment partner for your e-commerce business, it is important to spot specific signs. A partner, which may be a right fit for your business, should be interested in your company and your business goals. They are most likely to ask questions which will put your business first.

Good E-commerce Fulfilment Partners will put your business needs and your customers first.

Efficient customer service

Choosing a fulfilment partner which has an experienced customer services team can make all the difference. They can deal with a range of services such as the processing of mail, telephone and email orders. They are usually on hand as a key contact for end customers dealing with a range of delivery and product queries.

This is even more beneficial when your logistics partner can deal with returns.

Partnered with carriers

A well-connected e-commerce fulfilment partner can be the key to reaching more markets. They can also offer greater deals for your fulfilment solutions and shipping options.

Modern technology in warehouses

It is important to keep inventories up-to-date and know the current stock levels. To do this, your fulfilment partner should have a great warehouse management system.

How to level up through warehousing and fulfilment services?

Scaling up your e-commerce business involves a well-thought-out strategy. One way to do this is to turn to a fulfilment company to partner with. The support and transparency that an e-commerce fulfilment partner can bring you, will help you focus on selling more. It can aid you in reaching more markets, domestically or globally.

A fulfilment partner you can trust can improve your e-commerce business. Especially when they have warehouse management systems and a customer service team with experience. This can take your business to a new level, one you never anticipated.

Can an e-commerce logistics company deal with customer service queries?

The answer is, absolutely.

Your fulfilment partner should be able to deal with customer queries. This is extremely important to increase customer loyalty.

How responsive and proactive should my logistics partner be in addressing potential issues or concerns?

Building a strong partnership with our clients is our main goal at SKU Logistics. This allows for great transparency and efficient communication between yourself and our team.

Teams in both of our distribution centers are always here to answer your queries or help you in difficult times. Our inventory management system allows us to keep you updated, daily, to minimise any inventory issues or concerns.

Our e-commerce team have years of experience in dealing with complicated supply chains and different sales channels.

How to increase customer loyalty through fulfilment solutions?

At SKU Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing full end-to-end fulfilment solutions to our clients. This often results in increasing our client's customer loyalty.

We have a friendly and engaging customer support team that has a wealth of knowledge. We strive to help your customers every day.

Processing orders in a timely manner is essential to increase customer loyalty. We can process orders via the following method: postal orders, telephone orders and email orders. Additionally, we are also here to resolve queries such as product questions, delivery questions or order amendments/cancellations.

We are integrated with major trusted payment platforms to securely process your customer's payments. We are able to take online payments and cheque payments.

Additional to dealing with customer queries, our fulfilment centres focus on providing a quick picking and packing turn-around. Fast delivery times when shipping orders to your customers are equally as important to us.

Tailoring our support for your e-commerce business and ensuring your customers are satisfied is our top priority.

To find out more about our e-commerce fulfilment services, visit E-commerce Fulfilment or Contact Us.

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