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Island Blue

03 Apr, 2024

Scotland-based company Island-Blue first reached out to us in November 2023. Having been operating for the past 30 years Island-Blue is made up of Scottish artists and photographers who paint landscapes, places of interest, animals, monuments and much more. Selling postcards, magnets, calendars & greeting cards.

When they came to us in November they were dissatisfied with their current fulfilment provider and were looking for greater levels of customer service. As part of this, they also required a better order response time and improved pick accuracy.


After approaching several fulfilment partners due to their current frustrations they came to us where we talked them through all the services we offer. Demonstrating our success stories and what best practices in the industry look like. 

Had they not moved over to us they would have continued with stock visibility issues and inaccurate orders which resulted in dissatisfied customers.

During the onboarding process, we onboarded over 2,500 SKUs and took delivery of over 50 pallets.

The results:

After partnering with us Island-Blue were able to gain greater stock visibility through our online portal giving them full transparency along the fulfilment journey. After being left dissatisfied with their previous fulfilment partner and the lack of order accuracy and order visibility. Partnering with us we have been able to greatly improve their pick accuracy and delivery lead time, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.


Here's what Island-Blue had to say:

" Right from the beginning of the process, Alex has been very helpful and fast to respond with either emails, teams meetings or in person.

Island Blue Publishing is delighted to be partnering with SKU. Everyone involved in the onboarding process has been excellent and very helpful in achieving a professional and smooth dispatch again for ourselves. We are delighted that our orders are now going out in a timely fashion and the end customer is pleased with the change after a few years of poor service.

It is great to finally have a proper stock control that we can now trust and that synchronises with our website and other platforms, cutting down on unnecessary ordering of stock and administration.

Island Blue Publishing highly recommends SKU. For anyone looking for a new fulfilment partner, you can not go wrong. All the warehouse staff are very motivated in their care for your stock, and they feel as though they are part of your actual business. Any account queries are dealt with in a quick and professional manner with your own account manager looking after things for you.

Island Blue Publishing looks forward to a long and successful working relationship with SKU. "

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