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What is Campaign Fulfilment and how does it work?

10 Aug, 2023

To understand campaign fulfilment, it is important to grasp the role of fulfilment services and the various fulfilment options. Additionally, it is crucial to understand the distinction between warehouse services and fulfilment services.

Whilst both services store inventory, the key difference between the two is the duration of time they store inventory for. Warehouses typically store inventory for longer periods of time and in bulk. Whereas fulfilment centres have a much quicker turnover rate with stock usually sitting in distribution centres for less than a month and being brought back in every few weeks.

Fulfilment centres also have a wider range of internal services which includes receiving and sending out inventory in bulk. Fulfilment services receive goods and then quality assess the stock, store it, pick, pack and ship out to end consumers.

When it comes to choosing your order fulfilment process, there are four options.

The first option is in-house order fulfilment. This is when you manage the fulfilment process yourself using your employees to handle all steps of the fulfilment process. This model is ideal for well-established companies who want complete control. It is also beneficial for small startups with low volumes of orders and are seeking a low-cost option.

You can also choose to outsource fulfilment. You can do this by using a fulfilment partner, such as SKU Logistics.

One of our two fulfilment centres will handle your shipping, storage, and order/refund processing. This is a good option for companies that lack storage space or the resources to handle order processing and shipping. At SKU we also take care of all your customer service needs through handling returns and any customer queries.

Dropshipping is a way to sell products without keeping them in stock. Instead, a third party, usually the supplier, takes care of sourcing, storing, and shipping the products. With this method, whenever an order is placed on your online store, you purchase that item from a third party whilst they handle and ship the order to the customer. This option is common for e-commerce and new retail stores, especially with the rise of TikTok Shop.

The fourth and final option is hybrid order fulfilment. Taking a hybrid fulfilment approach is when you use multiple fulfilment processes. For example, you may use in-house fulfilment for any custom orders you make in-house and then use outsourced order fulfilment for any generic/ standard orders.

Dropshipping may also be incorporated into this for any items that aren't as frequently bought and so it doesn't make sense to stock that item. Within hybrid fulfilment, we may see a lot of companies doing in-house fulfilment but for busy periods/ seasonal stock they may go to a 3PL company for campaign fulfilment.

What are the stages of campaign fulfilment?

Campaign fulfilment will look different depending on your requirements and timescales. But the usual process looks like this:

  • The stock is delivered to the warehouse, where we process and upload it into the stock management portal. We then move it to the promotional area for fast and effective picking.
  • When an order is placed, the items relevant to that campaign are then picked out and packed in the most efficient and sustainable way. After the kits have been signed off they can either be moved to despatch or stored for despatch at a later date.
  • Once the promotional kit is ready for despatch it is then shipped out to the end customer with multiple different shipping methods available.

What are the benefits of campaign fulfilment?

  • Save time

Through using a fulfilment service it allows your business to save time as you no longer need to research, pack and ship products after an order. This is all done through the fulfilment service and their automated systems. Therefore helping you meet your campaign deadlines.

  • Less impact on your everyday in-house operations

Campaign fulfilment can often be stressful and time consuming due to the tight deadlines that come with running a campaign. Through outsourcing your campaign fulfilment to us, this allows you to focus on your products and services. All that you would be required to do for the campaign is send us your goods and we'll handle the rest.

  • Cut down on shipping expenses

By using a fulfilment company, you can find the cheapest rates from carriers. The fulfilment company provides software that helps you find the best deals. With their software, you can easily compare rates and choose the most cost-effective option.

  • Streamline inventory management

Through our existing technology and softwares, we are able to process, track and handle stock with ease. Allowing your business to see stock levels on a daily basis and whether you are running low on stock. This enables great transparency between us and yourself, knowing you won't have to keep worrying about stock levels, as you will be notified when your goods need restocking.

  • Protect your business name

Fulfilment services are able to protect your business name as they ensure all orders are shipped and delivered on time. Therefore, reducing the risk of human error, late shipments and incomplete orders improving your overall customer experience.

  • Help expand business reach

Fulfilment companies allow you to use their warehouse as your parcels return address. This is important as if you want to sell your products in the UK you are required to have a UK return address. Fulfilment centres also have the infrastructure in place to allow you to send your products worldwide and reach new markets.

How can SKU help with your campaign fulfilment?

Here at SKU, we specialise in the collation of promotional campaign kits, distributing over 380,000 promotional campaign kits per annum across several market-leading brands.

We know it's important to deliver all your promotional material on time. We have amassed a number of world-class brands such as Jägermeister and Philips, and we deliver 98% of our packages in full and on time.

We tailor our pick and pack process for every client. This helps us create a cost-effective production line. Additionally, it ensures quality and accuracy. We will work with you to determine the best packaging and delivery service option for your end customer.

Running promotional and seasonal campaigns is extremely important for e-commerce businesses and driving traffic to their sites. As it's an opportunity to attract more attention to your business and increase your revenue. It is therefore important to choose the right fulfilment partner to help execute these campaigns.

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